About Glen Albright

I am a no nonsense man when it comes to representing my clients. I take the Constitution seriously. People are innocent until proven guilty. This is the foundation of my law practice. I believe every client is innocent. It’s the best way I know to be client focused. It is my duty and responsibility to make sure not one of my clients spends one day in jail without the State proving beyond a doubt that a person is guilty.

The uncontroverted fact is, most criminal cases, unless they are dismissed, will end with a plea bargain. However, I will never recommend my clients consider a plea bargain unless every single defense strategy has been employed and every detail of the case has been scrutinized. If the deal is no good or it is clear the State cannot prove their case I am always ready for trial. I will never back down form a fight.

Too many innocent people are in jail. There are innocence projects all over the country that prove people are innocent and help them get released. I have been asked many times, how can I defend criminals? My response is always the same. First my clients are innocent until proven guilty. Second, the state has unlimited resources to prosecute people. Third, prosecutors are interested in convictions rather than truth. Fourth, without me standing up to the state more innocent people will go to jail.

A man in a suit and tie with his eyes wide open.