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If you have been arrested for a Crime in Georgia

You need an experienced Criminal Defense attorney. Glen Albright is available to discuss your case anytime – including after-hours and weekends!  Call or text me at 678-232-4282, or email at

I am an aggressive Defense attorney who will stand by your side and go above and beyond for you. I offer free case evaluations to clients to assess the circumstance and begin building a strong case strategy. My firm can fight to preserve your freedom and give you the defense you need to win your case.

When facing criminal charges, you need an experienced lawyer to examine your case and give you an honest assessment. You don’t need unrealistic promises designed to get your retainer. You want and deserve straightforward honest answers to your questions. I will give you completely honest opinions concerning your case. I will never withhold information concerning your case and you can trust that I will examine every option to build the best defense possible.

When I take your case my sole concern will be protecting your rights and freedom. I prepare each case as if it is going to trial so I’m prepared to defend you in any situation. The key to building a strong defense is conducting a thorough investigation. Everything will be considered and every piece of evidence is important when building a defense.

The District Attorney must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And you are always innocent until proven guilty. In many cases the evidence used to convict a person is found because of statements they make to the police. Always remember you have the right to remain silent. When you have an encounter with law enforcement always remember you are being recorded. Even the most innocent of statements can be used against you. No matter how much the police tell you that they are your friend and they are willing to help you, do not believe it. Their only purpose is to gather evidence. Don’t let yourself be bullied. Ask for an attorney immediately. Ask for a lawyer and keep your mouth shut. Remember “nobody who never said anything ever hurt his case”.

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